If you’re in an apprenticeship with a master furniture repair technician, or you’re just thinking about working with and restoring furniture, you should know that this industry is booming right now. More than ever before, high-quality, independent furniture repair contractors are needed in nearly every state across the country. Think about it: people are always going to need comfortable furniture to sit down and enjoy in both a residential and commercial application.

Your Go-To Solution For Furniture Technician Jobs

Unsure how to get your foot in the door? Furniture Solutions Network can help. We’re the fastest growing furniture repair service in America, and we’re able to handle wood repair, upholstery repair, leather repair, fabric cleaning, and more. Not only do we provide expert in-home furniture repair services across the United States, but we also offer a number of furniture repair technician job opportunities working as an independent contractor.

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We Offer The Highest Rates In The Industry

Even if you’re extremely passionate about working with furniture, there’s no sense in making a career out of it if you’re not getting paid very well. We get it. Unfortunately, we won’t be throwing around any specific numbers in today’s blog post, but we’re happy to speak with you in more detail regarding our competitive rates.

Structuring A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Conversely, there’s no sense in making a ton of money if you’re working 100 hour weeks, leaving little to no time to see your family or simply do what you want with your free time. Our goal is to give you the freedom you deserve as an independent contractor, allowing you to work on your own time with flexibility in your weekly schedule.

This, combined with our competitive furniture repair rates, means that you’ll be maximizing both your time and money.

We’re Here To Help

High-quality furniture repair isn’t always easy, and more often than not, it can get a little tricky. If you’re unsure how to proceed with a certain step in your current project, don’t worry. Our technician helpline is available after hours to make sure that you’re confident in your work. It’s easy to reach out to us, and unlike other support services, we’ll quickly provide you with the answers that you’re looking for. It’s that easy!

We Provide Ongoing Training At No Additional Cost

Support lines are important and very helpful in many situations, but industry knowledge often comes down to more than troubleshooting a specific matter. That’s why Furniture Solutions Network provides hands-on training to not only hold our independent technicians to the highest possible standard, but also to help you save time and avoid any potential roadblocks in a given furniture repair job. Best of all, this is a completely free service for those who take up our furniture repair jobs in the United States.

Access To Our Online Portal To Streamline Operations

We dislike unnecessary paperwork and repair jargon just as much as the next technician — believe us. You shouldn’t have to waste valuable time between repair jobs by filling out forms and figuring out what goes where. Our online portal makes documentation easy and fast, so you can focus on what’s actually important: repairing people’s furniture!

The Ability To Promote Your Own Business

Interested in building your own network of clientele? Want to establish a reputation as the area’s go-to furniture repair technician? We won’t steal the spotlight from you. In fact, Furniture Solutions Network encourages our independent contractors to promote themselves in this fashion. At the end of the day, you possess incredible skills that enable you to take something that’s broken and make it brand new again, and that’s something that you should be recognized for.

Not interested in representing yourself as a small business? Simply let FSN take care of the scheduling for you.

We’re Currently Hiring

That’s right! From North Carolina to Washington, there are a number of lucrative opportunities in the way of furniture repair jobs. All it takes to reaching out to us to learn more about careers with Furniture Solutions Network. We’re excited to help you embark on a fulfilling career! Thanks for stopping by.