Do you want to be more than just a repair technician? At FSN, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have created a network of professionals from various backgrounds in the furniture industry to help each individual member become the best entrepreneurs they can be. We all truly believe that we can be a part of something bigger and work each day to build upon on our skill set. We offer hands-on training in all aspects of the repair industry including, but not limited to, upholstery, leather care, fabric cleaning, and wood repair.

In addition to this, our nationwide network of independent furniture repair contractors offer some of the highest rates in the industry with the ability to build your own clientele through our direct to consumer program. We have great communication tools to help you when you need it the most such as a Technician Help Line and workplace forum to help you network and connect with fellow team members. In addition to these, we also have an online portal that allows you to maximize your efficiency and streamlining your business. At FSN, we also understand the need for a work/life balance and have developed processes to create this balance. Learn more about our lucrative career opportunities as a furniture repair technician!