Wood furniture has long been a staple in every home and commercial space from here to the other side of the globe. From maple to pine, oak, cherry, and beyond, it is a durable and beautiful material. Unfortunately, accidents occur, leaving your wood furniture quite literally in pieces. In order to maintain its beauty and durability, it needs to be repaired by the best in the business. Only those who have been in the repair industry as long as we have know exactly what to do for virtually any type and severity of wood damage.

As a network of independent wood repair contractors, we offer the absolute best of the best when it comes to repairing your wood furniture. Whether you’re part of a business that needs your conference table to stay in great working shape or a family looking to maintain the integrity of grandma’s dinner table, we at Furniture Solutions Network will dedicate ourselves fully to meeting your needs. That’s right; we repair antique furniture!

Noticing any of the following problems with your wood furniture? Let us help.

  • Wobbly table, chair, and desk legs
  • Broken corners on drawers
  • Deep scratches and cracks in any part of your wood furniture
  • Water marks and stains
  • Dents and gouges of any size and depth
  • Sunk-in stains, discoloration, or spots
  • Burn stains or further damage
  • Chipping veneer

“Wood Repair Near Me” Made Easy!

Wood furniture looks incredibly great and adds unparalleled value to your home or your business. However, the moment that your piece of wood furniture becomes damaged is the moment that your ambiance becomes tarnished.

Whether you’re staging your home for a real estate sale or creating a professional-looking space for your office waiting room, a wood furniture repair job shouldn’t be delayed. By making one call to our wood repair technicians, we’ll remedy your situation as soon as possible.

Beautiful wood furniture requires expert wood furniture repair service. Contact us today or get a free estimate on our wood repair, leather repair, upholstery repair, or fabric cleaning services.