With the influx of competition and the many channels consumers can purchase new home furnishings in, it has become a challenge for many retailers to create
that “consumer for life.” What is done post sale is equally of importance as the sales experience, if not more important in creating lasting relationships with
consumers and forming a true loyalty to your brand. As a result, retailers are in need of a strong after sale service program to ensure when something goes
wrong they are there to swiftly diagnose and correct the issue the consumer is having. Here are a few things to consider when your consumer is reporting a


The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. When true empathy is shared with the consumer a level of comfort is
created that sets the consumer at ease. This sets the stage to walk the consumer through how you are going to address their concern and be there to help them. It
is inevitable that mishaps are going to happen, whether it is days after delivery or after several months of owning your furniture. The first few moments of
receiving the phone call from the consumer reporting an issue are critical to the overall outcome and maintaining that exceptional experience the consumer
originally had.

Diagnosing the Issue

When consumers are calling in to report an issue it is critical to determine what specific fault and or piece is needing to be addressed. Often times retailers will
not set the correct expectation due to lack of information which can ultimately lead to disappointment. It is critical to value the consumers time and make every
effort to complete the repair in one visit to their home. FSN has a leadership team that consists of experience in all aspects of the industry. This enables them to effectively teach how best to troubleshoot with a customer and help determine the best course of action to repair the reported issue.

Service Instructions

After diagnosing the repair needed with the consumer it is critical to ensure that the information being relayed to the technician is as detailed as possible. This handoff of information has to be as seamless as possible to ensure there is no break in the experience you have provided up to this point. FSN has the training
and leadership to help with the creation of service instructions that will lead to efficient first visit repairs. Ultimately this is the critical piece in driving down
operational costs related to exchanges, returns, and margin erosion.

Skilled Technicians

Once the entry of the order is complete and the service date is set it is essential to have confidence in the skill set that is being deployed to complete the repair for
your consumer. FSN has established industry leading practices to ensure that the technicians within their network are bringing the items they are servicing back to new like condition. This is the “key” to the ultimate consumer experience and vital to creating that customer for life all retailers are striving for.

The Bottom Line

With the competitive landscape always evolving and changing and customers’ expectations only rising each day we know the importance of service after the
sale. At FSN we are committed to providing a partnership that will carry out the expectation that you have set with your customer. Please visit us at
www.fsnpro.com to learn more on how we can help or you can also reach out to Jason Baumgartner at Jason.baumgartner@fsnpro.com or Melanie Gallagher at
Melanie.gallagher@fsnpro.com. We would love to the opportunity to speak to
your needs and offer complimentary trial services.

We are conveniently located in High Point at 4035 Premier Drive Suite 203 High Point, NC 27265. If you are in the area and would like to set up a meeting please
reach out to Jason or Melanie.