Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Furniture Repair

The unthinkable turns into a horrific reality: you’ve spilled your coffee all over your parent’s brand new leather couch, your overly-excited dog decided to jump up and launch off of their cherry wood coffee table, and just as it seems like the onslaught of furniture damage is over, you realize that the cat is clawing up the upholstery on your parent’s loveseat. This situation is more than your average Monday. Fortunately, we just made up this situation and would wish this on our worst enemies…but really, what would you do in a situation like that?

Immediately busting out your handy all-purpose cleaner might be an instinctual reaction to the coffee spill situation, but what if you risk further damaging the leather on their beautiful couch? How would you know what products to use (if they’re even on-hand), let alone how to apply them?

The hypothetical chaos you just read should illustrate the point that we’ll be making in today’s blog post: you shouldn’t attempt to fix furniture damage on your own. It’s one thing to clean a minor spill off of a $20 Craigslist couch special, but it’s another thing to pretend that you know how to repair upholstery. So, if you can’t do it, who can?

Let Our In-Home Furniture Repair Technicians Handle It

There’s your answer right there. If you’re in or near any of the 40 (and growing!) states that Furniture Solutions Network serves, then you’re never far from our furniture repair specialists. Our independent contractors are qualified to repair leather, wood, upholstery, clean fabric, and we’ll also come to your business.

We understand that accidents happen, and no one should have to live with a picture-perfect room that’s ruined by a torn or stained piece of furniture. Whether you’re an Airbnb host, staging your home for realtors, or you’re trying to maintain a pristine hotel lobby, one simple call with Furniture Solutions Network will remedy the issue in no time.

If this blog post hasn’t been very compelling thus far, here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to repair furniture on your own.

You Could Make The Situation Worse

We’ll begin with the most obvious reason: you’re going to make that stain soak deeper into the fabric, you’re going to accidentally tear more stitching from your upholstery, and you’re going to expand the scratches on that wood table. No offense — we don’t doubt your competency as an overall human, but unless you’re a qualified and experienced furniture repair contractor, you probably don’t know what the best approach is in these situations.

By not attempting to fix things on your own, you’re already doing yourself (and your furniture) a service.

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You Could Hurt Yourself

It’s not likely that wiping up a spill is going to result in a sudden injury, but if you’re blindly rifling through various household cleaners or tools to fix the situation at hand, you might really make things worse for yourself. Save yourself the pain of embarrassment and physical pain of injury by calling our nationwide in-home furniture repair technicians.

You Have Better Things to Do With Your Time

Unless you just set down your copy of the oh-so-riveting Furniture Repair 101, you probably don’t want to waste precious time fixing your broken or stained piece of furniture. Take the stress and guesswork off of your plate, focus your efforts on what you’d really like to do, and have us take care of it.

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