Working within a large-scale corporation comes with its share of frustrations. It’s true that some folks really like the clear sense of direction working for a larger company, receiving the day’s workload in a queue-based system. But others value direct control over their work experience. They prefer to be more involved with the people they work with and develop rich relationships over time with their clients.

Control Your Experience As An Independent Furniture Repair Tech

To accommodate a wide range of personalities and work preferences, Furniture Solutions Network offers independent furniture repair technician jobs around the United States. You’ll work for us as an independent contractor, meaning that you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to build up your own network of clients.

Enjoy working with a particular business? Want to be a family’s go-to furniture repair guy whenever something breaks, chips, rips, or tears? Go for it. Conversely, if you’d prefer to work as an independent contractor but have FSN find clients for you, we’re more than happy to do so. Some furniture repair technicians simply want to be handed their work and go complete the job in a diligent and quiet manner. We completely respect that, and so long as the job is done right, you’re providing the same value to our clients at the end of the day.

FSN Is Committed To Your Success — Work With Us Today!

When you accept one of our independent furniture repair jobs around the country, you’ll work with our committed leadership team. We’re here to provide you with anything you need to succeed, including the independence required to be a furniture repair entrepreneur.

It’s about time to be rewarded for your hard-working talents. For the freedom and flexibility you deserve as a furniture repairman, get started by contacting Furniture Solutions Network!