Flexibility In Your Schedule

It’s no secret that for most people, life can be a little…hectic. We say “yes” to things that we know can’t fit on our plate for the sake of not disappointing someone. We take on more projects at work than we can realistically handle. All too often, we tend to fill our lives with a myriad of obligations to avoid boredom, as a social formality, or simply just to block out our weeks for the sake of being busy.

Your Job, Your Time

If you’ve been frustrated with how previous employers schedule and structure your precious time, worry no more. At Furniture Solutions Network, our furniture repair technician job opportunities are structured in a way that put your time as first priority. That’s right! By putting the power of scheduling in your hands, you can take on as much work or schedule as little work as you’d like on a weekly basis.

Want more time to hang out and visit your family? Done. Feel like traveling abroad for a while? Go for it. Saving up for the holidays? Schedule as many furniture repair jobs as you can realistically handle. The beauty of this scheduling model is that it’s all up to you.

Our Promise For Optimal Work/Life Balance

In a society that tends to value work over mental and physical health, it’s truly refreshing to work with a company that prioritizes a healthy work/life balance over just about anything else. Given our approach to a healthy work/life balance here at FSN, we believe that the inherent flexibility in our structured scheduling system is an important aspect.

Benefits Of Our Flexible Scheduling Approach

Work Outside Of Standard Business Hours

Depending on whether you take on more commercial furniture repair jobs or residential, in-home furniture repair jobs, you may be able to work many hours outside of the standard 9-5 operating hours. Why is this an advantage for you? From a commuting/driving perspective, you’ll be able to skip out on rush-hour or mid-day traffic. This means that you’ll spend less time on the road, and more time actually repairing people’s furniture and then doing whatever you’d like with your time afterward.

No Overload, No Burnout

When your company continues to pile work on your plate, you’ll probably start to feel overwhelmed. As you navigate all of this work and put in overtime to try and feel like you’re caught up, you may get a little (or very) burnt out in the process. Self-scheduling means that you’ll avoid burnout because you know how much work you can handle more than anyone else.

Work When You Feel The Best

Not a morning person? Don’t take morning jobs. Enjoy finishing the day’s work before noon? FSN has plenty of nationwide furniture repair technician job opportunities to meet your preferred time frame.

Get Started Today!

Learn more about our residential and commercial furniture repair technician jobs by getting in touch with FSN at 877-844-1813.