Consumer expectations after the sale are just as important as those leading up to the sales process, if you hope to retain consumer loyalty for life. So how do you
balance your needs and ability to control profitability? Outsourcing some or all of your service needs may be the answer if you are looking to:

  • Free up internal resources and focus on your core expertise
  • Lower your operational and labor costs to increase margins
  • Tap into service industry expertise versus scrambling to train up

With the expectation of the consumer being at an all-time high, it has become more of a challenge for retailers to maintain the same level of experience after the sale. Retailers are putting very effective strategies in place around marketing, sales and merchandising. The experience after the sale and delivery is as equally
important to ensure a customer for life. As a result, retailers are in need of a strong service process to ensure this high expectation is maintained. Without the
challenges of sourcing technicians and training technicians retailers can focus on driving their business through increased sales and merchandising strategies.

Sourcing Technicians

Throughout the industry there is a common theme of many retailers struggling to source for qualified service technicians. Technicians that may have been a valued team member for many years are retiring or looking to retirement. At FSN we have developed a recruiting strategy within our network to ensure that we are sourcing technicians at all times. FSN makes this a top priority each and every day, ensuring that our partners can feel confident in our ability to always service their consumers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Training Technicians

When recruiting a technician, it can be challenging to find a candidate that possesses all the required skills. Whether it be the ability to repair leather or
correct a broken frame in the home most candidates are qualified in one but not the other. FSN has a national training manager that is devoted strictly to
providing education and training in any area for a new or current technician. This accompanied by a leadership team at FSN that consists of experience in all
aspects of the industry, giving our technicians the tools to be successful not just in their repairs but the complete overall experience your consumers are expecting. Having the correct and properly trained technicians can make the difference between successfully repairing a piece of furniture or losing the sale and
providing a less than desirable experience.

Extension of Your Brand

When establishing a partnership with a provider you want to ensure that your brand is represented along with your values. FSN prides itself on gaining a
thorough understanding of your core values and is committed to be an extension of what those values are. We ensure all technicians are in uniform with an ID
badge identifying who they are when arriving at the home of your consumers. A big part of our training program ensures that the soft skills needed are provided
to technicians.

The Bottom Line
With the competitive landscape always evolving and changing and customers’ expectations only rising each day we know the importance of service after the
sale. At FSN we are committed to providing a partnership that will carry out the expectation that you have set with your customer. Please visit us at to learn more on how we can help or you can also reach out to Jason Baumgartner at or Melanie Gallagher at We would love to the opportunity to speak to your needs and offer complimentary trial services.

We are conveniently located in High Point at 4035 Premier Drive Suite 203 High Point, NC 27265. If you are in the area and would like to set up a meeting please
reach out to Jason or Melanie.