In this day and age retailers must maintain an exceptional customer experience after the sale while controlling expense and protecting their bottom line. With
customer expectation being set at a very high bar we know that managing the after-sale processes can be difficult and costly. As a result, retailers are required
to have strategies and processes to solve for delivery damages, returns/exchanges, and chargebacks.

Delivery Damages

It is inevitable that in our industry delivery mishaps are going to happen. In this we know that maintaining that high level of costumer experience and limiting
exchanges can be trying. At FSN our technician’s skill set coupled with our ability to complete the repairs within days of the mishap will maintain the level of service your customers are expecting. Our network of technicians understand the excitement and emotions the customers are experiencing when receiving this
new furniture and know how to reassure them that they will not even notice the blemish from delivery.


When needing to exchange a piece or offer a customer a reselection due to damage that has occurred within a warranted time we have learned the impact
this can have on your overall margin. In addition, the added costs each time a piece is handled from the warehouse to the delivery truck and then into the
customers home. In many cases these returned pieces are going to end up in a clearance center and have to be sold at a lower price. We take great pride in
wanting to protect your margin and repair many of these damages in the home on the first visit to the customer. Naturally, the ability to do this will lessen the
product that is returned and increase your efficiency around new deliveries as well as maintain margins that help your overall profitability.


Within our industry the cumbersome process that accompanies the chargeback of labor fees for service provided within a manufacturer warranty is very frustrating. Through our proprietary software system that was created by FSN we are able to solve this for you. Our system allows you the ability to bill directly to the manufacturer on any work order that is pre-determined to fall under the manufacturer warranty.

The Bottom Line

With the competitive landscape always evolving and changing and customers’ expectations only rising each day we know the importance of service after the
sale. Along with this it is also of the utmost importance to manage your expense and protect your profitability. Please visit us at to learn more
on how we can help or you can also reach out to Jason Baumgartner at or Melanie Gallagher at We would love to the opportunity to speak to your needs and offer complimentary trial services.

We are conveniently located in High Point at 4035 Premier Drive Suite 203 High Point, NC 27265. If you are in traveling for Market and would like to visit feel free to reach out to Melanie or Jason to schedule a time.